“One More Waltz”

Feat. Southern Hospitality & All Star Cast, w/ Bob Margolin, Original Performer at "The Last Waltz"

Rolling Stone Magazine proclaimed “The Last Waltz” the Greatest Concert Movie of All-Time. Understandably so, in the late Seventies, when it first flashed onscreen in all white font against a stark black background before the credits of The Last Waltz, you knew it meant business. Keep moving that volume knob clockwise, folks. Let the needle swing into the red!!! On the Concert's 40th Anniversary, The Big Blues Bender is gonna crank up a tribute to “The Band” and their Guest that made this Monumental Concert. Southern Hospitality (Victor Wainwright, Damon Fowler, J.P. Soars & Crew) along with The Last Waltz participant & Muddy Water's Guitarist Bob Margolin are hosting and paying tribute to the Finest Presentation of American Music that has ever been captured in Cinematography. An All Star Cavalcade of Big Blues Bender Stars will pay homage to “The Band,” these Great Artists and This Seriously Unbelievable Concert, Martin Scorsese's The Last Waltz.