Tab Benoit

For the very few that don't know, here's a bit of enlightenment about Blues All-Star Tab Benoit. He is a proud product of South Louisiana, a singer, and guitarist who specializes in a lively, spicy “Cajun rock n’ blues” and who regularly thrills his audiences with talent compared to that of “some of the greatest bluesmen and guitarists of all time.” Tab also serves as the dutiful Mayor of the Big Blues Bender and a staple on the Bender Billboards. This legendary Blues Master has a way of painting a vibrant aural picture with stunning lyrics. From a Finger Popping Good Time Roadhouse Ditty to a Heart Wrenching Soul Stealing Ballard, Tab can launch the theater of the mind and puts his audiences in the middle of a jumping party or a sorrowful saga. Every show is unique, played to suit the crowd and he always delivers an infectious spirit moving performance. Be Assured, there are many Great Blues Artists, but there is Only One Tab Benoit.