Situated off the Strip and a stones throw from the Airport, The HRH is the perfect blend of comfort and convenience.
Prepare yourself for a Bender unlike any other!
Behold, The Joint! The finest live music room in the city of Las Vegas is now the main stage of the Big Blues Bender.
The outdoor heart of the Bender, The Paradise Pool was built with live music in mind.
An intimate, club style venue with world class sound.
A cool and stylish daytime hideaway lounge.
The Hard Rock boasts 5 swimming pools, all set in spectacular surroundings.
Pools. Pools. And More Pools!
With its three towers, the Hard Rock boats a wide array of rooming options
Ranging from oversized comfortable rooms to 4000+ sq. foot mega suites, the range of options is stunning.
Treat yourself to a decadent spa experience!
All your favorite games abound.
There's no better quick and rejuvenating snack than a half dozen fresh oysters between shows!
Fantastic Soups, Sandwiches, Breakfasts, and Specials, right in the heart of the action.
The place to be for Craft beer and pub food.
The Hard Rock is loaded with great spaces to take a break and enjoy a drink.