Samantha Fish

She is a Blues Foundation Award-winning Blues treasure. Samantha sports a wide alluring smile that draws you in close then smacks you in the face with her gritty straightforward Blues passion. Her passion is Up-Front Love but unapologetic. She has proven to be a concerned songwriter drawing from her observation and her feeling of the whole human experience. Chocked Full of natural talent, Samantha has accomplished what scores of musicians strive for and rarely achieve throughout their career. She is an excellent guitar player who sports fun to listen to licks and is developing a creative style that’s all her own. Whether she is exploring solid picking or working the frets on slide guitar, her musical expression and mesmerizing vocal styling paint a vibrant picture for her audiences. She's one of the brightest new artists to come along in a very long time. Her latest album “Bell of the West” went straight to Number One on the Billboard Magazine Blues Chart. Samantha Fish is one righteous, gritty and rocking force to be reckoned with.