COVID-19 UPDATE : Bender Deferments 06/03/20

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we are carefully evaluating the guidance set forth by the state of Nevada to determine the fate of the 2020 Big Blues Bender. We have been analyzing every possible circumstance and contingency to navigate a way forward. Our goal is to reconcile our existing commitments with our moral obligation to ensure the safety and security of all who chose to join us at the Bender. While the path forward remains unclear, we feel compelled to mitigate the uncertainty many of our guests are feeling in an already uncertain time. 

To that end, we are instituting a new policy to provide relief to those who feel that attending the 2020 Big Blues Bender creates an undue burden on their health and safety. Starting today, you may defer your 2020 Big Blues Bender Reservation to 2021 free of charge. Now until June 17, 2020.



  • If you wish to defer your 2020 Big Blues Bender Reservation to 2021, you must log in to your Bender Presents account using the following link and proceed to the section labeled “2020 to 2021 Big Blues Bender Deferment” at the bottom of your profile page.
  • Select “Your Profile” in the top right menu, if you’re not taken directly to the profile page
  • Your reservation will transfer in full, including all add ons, extra nights, upgrades, and Hart tickets.
  • The 2021 Big Blues Bender dates are September, 2021
  • Once you defer your reservation to 2021, you may not revert to 2020.
  • Your 2021 Big Blues Bender Reservation will not be eligible for any deals, offers, discounts, refunds, promotions, incentives, or similar offerings intended for 2020 Big Blues Bender Reservation holders.
  • Only the “Primary Guest” may initiate deferment.
  • If your package has a sponsor (someone else who is paying on your behalf), your sponsor’s choice will determine if your package is deferred.
  • If you are on a payment plan, your deferred final payment will become due on June 1st, 2021.
  • If your reservation was canceled due to non-payment of your 3/20 payment, you may reinstate your reservation and use your canceled funds towards your 2021 deferment, provided you make your overdue payments and pay your $20 late fee. To do so, please contact bender support.
  • The deadline to initiate your deferment is June 17, 2020. Any deferment requests beyond this date will be handled on a case by case basis via Bender Support.
  • If you purchased travel insurance via our partner Travel Guard, you must change your policy dates to 2021. You may do so for no charge. For instructions on how to modify your Travel Guard policy, please visit the FAQ by clicking here. 

COVID-19 UPDATE 03/18/20

We at Team Bender are riding out the COVID-19 situation along with the rest of you. First and foremost, we hope that everyone is staying healthy and sane! There is a lot of panic and misinformation swirling about, and as it relates to the Bender, we’re glad you’ve found your way here so that we may share our perspective with you.

We are hopeful that the collective actions being taken right now to deal with COVID-19 will result in a period of recovery come summertime. We understand that if things do not improve as we hope, we may be forced to cancel. The current wave of cancellations around the world primarily extends to the next couple of months. Most of the major festival postponements are targeting September & October as “makeup” dates for those events being postponed now. This contributes to cautious optimism regarding the timing of our event, and the likelihood that we will be in a better situation then. The health and wellbeing of our guests, artists, and staff is our top priority. As we slowly approach our event dates, we will continue to evaluate and respond to events as they unfold. This unprecedented situation offers a glimpse as to why the 2020 Big Blues Bender may be the most relevant Bender we have ever done.

Our artist community is reeling right now. Most rely on constant gigs to make ends meet, but those gigs have all disappeared. The dates they’ve scheduled in the latter half of 2020 are like life preservers tossed into the distant waters. If they can stay afloat long enough to get to them, there is a chance they can continue on with their life’s calling. For all they have given to us, we intend to stay resolute in our commitment to them so they may get their affairs back to normal.

The live entertainment production industry consists of individuals who work as independent contractors, working an assortment of events year-round. They’ve just seen 2 months of income disappear off the table, and they don’t have the luxury of salaries, unions, or any other such safety nets to fall back on. These folks are our close friends and colleagues, and they are counting on us to help them back on their feet.

Our wonderful community of Benderheads know that music is so much more than some fungible pastime. It’s the very soundtrack of our lives; it’s the fuel for our souls. When we find ourselves on the other side of this situation, we will be thirsty for the power of live music like never before. When our isolation breaks, our social spirit will yearn for the camaraderie of like-minded spirits. The 2020 Bender offers the promise that normal life will once again return, and we will all be better for having endured this experience.

In our FAQ, we have detailed the specific triggers that would require us to cancel the Bender, as well as our policies regarding refunds. You can read this here. The short version is that any guests that are paid in full at the time we announce a cancellation would be able to apply what they have already spent towards a future Bender, or receive a refund (less fees). If you elect to cancel now, you would not be entitled to any refund under any circumstances. As illustrated above, we feel it is our duty to carry on with the 2020 Bender. We understand that some of our guests will elect to sit out this year amidst the uncertainty we are facing. To those, we wish you luck, health, and safety, and we hope to see you next year. For those who intend to join us at the Westgate in September, please know we are using this time to produce the best possible event for you, and we can’t wait to see your smiling faces dancing into the wee hours on that cloud of joy that is the hallmark of the Bender. This vision gives us the strength and determination to carry on.

Much Love,
Team Bender


Theme Night Throwdown

Do you have the next great idea for a Big Blues Bender Theme Night? Click here to enter your suggestion in the Theme Night Throwdown Tournament! Good luck, and may the best ideas win!


The Big Blues Bender has a new home!

We are excited to announce the Big Blues Bender 2020 will take place September 10, 11, 12, & 13, 2020 at the legendary Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino!

The Westgate boasts a proud history of four-star accommodations and world-class entertainment. The King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley shattered Las Vegas record books when he performed 837 consecutive sold-out shows in the International Theater, which now serves as the fabulous centerpiece to the 2020 Big Blues Bender.

Great venues, great accommodations, great dining choices, and a convenient location. This Bender is going to be fantastic!

Packages are going fast!

After our banner on sale event, only a limited selection of packages remain. Fortunately, our most recently renovated category, the “Luxe Room,” is still available. We’re also pleased to report that drink wristbands and extra nights are still available at this time. Remaining packages are listed below. You can also see our entire offering of packages, including those that are sold out, by clicking here.


The Big Blues Bender is proud to announce our annual star-studded charity to benefit the Handy Artists Relief Trust (HART). Join us Wednesday, September 9th and kick off your Bender supporting a great cause! 100% of proceeds benefit HART! Click here for details.

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06/19/20 Payment Plan: Final Payment Due
06/21/20 Father's Day! What Father Doesn’t Love a Good Bender!
07/04/20 Independence Day
07/18/20 Name changes deadline, changes after this date incur fees
07/19/20 Fee for name change begins- ($50 for each primary, $25 for each additional attendee)
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Single Occupancy Run of House

business Westgate Tower
local_hotel Randomly Assigned
smoking_rooms Non-smoking only
group Single Occupancy
$1199per person

Luxe Room

business Westgate Tower
local_hotel Choose King or 2 Queens
smoking_rooms Non-smoking only
group Double Occupancy
$849per person

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