Victor Wainwright

Artist at Large... Victor Wainwright is a Blues Music Award-winning Bluesman that is the epitome of a fire-breathing Boogie Woogie Blues Rocket. As he puts a “Jerry Lee Lewis” whopping on his flaming 88s, his piano becomes an extension of his heart and soul. His warm, raspy, well-seasoned vocals are much like a shot of dark long-aged Bourbon, breathtaking and satisfying. Inspired by his personal relationship and times with Blues Hall of Famer Pinetop Perkins, Wainwright has soaked upped the experience of a dirt floor, backwoods rumbling juke joint and lays down those escapades with every performance. He pays close listening attention to his bandmates' musical conversation on stage and relishes in their craft. When it's his turn for expression, it's an all out “WildRoot Rumble”.