One for the Soul (Bender One Series)

One for the Soul (Bender One Series)
One for the Soul (Bender One Series) have appeared on 1 Big Blues Bender lineup.

Bender One Series: One for the Soul

In the mid-50's, Gospel performers began to feel the pull of fortune and fame in the secular music world. They brought their powerful vocals, infectious grooves, exciting showmanship, and Blues roots to a broader audience, and changed popular music forever. Soul music set the charts on fire, appealing to black and white fans alike. Integrally entwined with the Civil Rights Movement, Soul stars like Sam Cooke, Wilson Pickett and James Brown also became cultural icons, pushing the Movement forward while bridging racial divides with their music, and setting trends in fashion and style along the way.

This year we pay tribute to that music, and some of the most influential and truly remarkable American artists in history. Please join us as we present another monumental edition of the Bender One Series: One for The Soul.

2023 - One for the Journey
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2022 - One for the Queens
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2021 - One for the Kings
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2019 - One Night On Yasgur's Farm
The 50th anniversary of Woodstock.

2018 - One More Waltz
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2017 - One for the Brothers
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