AJ Fullerton

AJ Fullerton is NOT performing at the 2024 Big Blues Bender.
This page is an archive from thier past perfomance(s).

AJ Fullerton has appeared on 1 Big Blues Bender lineup.

With outstanding slide ability, steaming vocals, and his incredible fingerpicking style, which has a sound that has blown a fresh breath in the Blues world, A.J. Fullerton will leave you reflecting on his intricate playing, will introduce you to a new world of blues while certainly appreciating the greats in the process. When audiences hear his incredible solo style, they instantly realize A.J. is a very rare commodity. Consistently hitting the road to hone his skills, A.J. Fullerton is one of the most in-demand artists in the Blues World today. His haunting vocals paired with his slick guitar and a simple Stomp Box have many in the Blues business thinking he's carrying a torch that brightens the future of the entire genre. A.J. is a fresh, electrifying Bluesman bursting at the seams with talent and arguably one of the hottest, most exciting new musicians on the blues scene today.

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