Cedric Burnside Project

Cedric Burnside Project is NOT performing at the 2024 Big Blues Bender.
This page is an archive from thier past perfomance(s).

Cedric Burnside Project has appeared on 1 Big Blues Bender lineup.

Some are born with Blues in their blood. Cedric Burnside descends from Mississippi Hill Country blues royalty, the grandson of famed R.L. Burnside. The Grammy-nominated artist earned his stripes working the drum kit behind his legendary Grand Father in juke joints, roadhouses and blues festivals across the country. Touring the world on his own, Cedric's approach to the Blues has a rumbling style and is a hypnotic musical form of chugging rhythms, stinging guitar licks, snap neck drum licks and singing that is filled with sharp changes and raw, cutting rhythms. Cedric Burnside is an honest to goodness Mississippi Hill Country throw-back to the day when cars would be parked on the side of a country road, a jumping house rent party was the big community attraction, with white corn liquor flowing and folks flat out stomping up the devil.

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