Howlin King Crawdad

Howlin King Crawdad are NOT performing at the 2024 Big Blues Bender.
This page is an archive from thier past perfomance(s).

Howlin King Crawdad have appeared on 1 Big Blues Bender lineup.

Howlin’ King Crawdad and his Band are renowned for their hypnotic Cajun rhythms and amazingly refreshing Zydeco melodies. The “King” is the consummate party host with a musical trick bag brimming with a contagious and funky explosive brand of Zydeco. They fill the room with unbridled enthusiasm that will excite your eardrums, make your heart thump harder, and your feet move a good bit faster. With their infectious and wild stage show, You’re sure to be Zydecofied, Funkified and Sanctified to the core and Not a Soul will be left sitting in their seat. Howlin’ King Crawdad and His Band are the living epitome of “Laissize Les Bons Temps Rouler”. They surely “Let the Good Times Roll”.

The 2024 Big Blues Bender Lineup